I really mean it

I really mean it


BBT 1:20AM



  •  with Wa this afternoon.
  • Jam sesh. ♫ ♥
  • yes, he’s a guitarist and drummer. ( in case you guys wanna know )
  • I am sooo tired and paos you guys!
  • he kept slapping me the whole afternoon -.-“
  • my arms hurt. HAHA!
  • anyway, there’s another girl
  • yes, kapal muka. =))
  • she was like..
  • ” I secretly love you..” blah blah blah..
  • well, hello! get a life.
  • HAHAHA! K. I’m done.
  • see ya’ll later
  • DJ is out. ♥

why the fuck am I on your blog? :))

because, i miss you. WHAT?! HAHA :))

My one and only Babyyy :”> 

"Hate the sin. Love the sinner."
Mahatma Ghandi
"Respect your grandparents. They finished school without Google or Wikipedia."
A message from Anonymous
pls? bbgay ko seyo lahat lhat!

lumayo ka o tumigil ka na. please lang.